How to Fix Your Broken Car: Quick Fixes

How to Deal with Breakdowns

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes we do get in a situation where our car needs some fixing. Whether you’re sitting in your driveway and the engine won’t start or you’ve just been in an accident and need to call for a tow truck, it’s important that you know what to do when your car is broken. Auto repair Kenner will help you solve any problem you might experience with your car.

First, make sure to check if your car is actually broken. If the engine won’t turn on, it’s probably not that serious of a problem. Many times this could be caused by an issue with the battery or starter; two problems you can easily fix yourself. However, if your airbags have gone off and there are fluids everywhere – don’t try to drive it anywhere! Call for help immediately as driving in these kinds of conditions will only make things worse (and potentially cause further damage).

Auto Repair Kenner

When calling for assistance make sure to get all of the necessary information correct so technicians know what they’re working with before getting there (for example: model number & year, color, etc.). Try to stay calm during any conversation even if you’ve just been through something terrifying because panicking will only make the situation worse. Once you’re safe, let others know what happened and be as descriptive as possible so they can assess whether or not any major damage has taken place.

If your car is broken and needs to stay in the shop for a while, don’t expect your insurance company to pay out of pocket for anything! Most likely this will come out of your deductible (the amount you need to pay before coverage starts) which could end up costing hundreds/thousands of dollars depending on how severe it is. So do yourself a favor by avoiding these kinds of situations from happening again by getting regular checkups at your local auto repair shop.