The Pros and Cons of Asphalt Driveways

Should You Really Choose An Asphalt Driveway For Your Property

Asphalt driveways are a popular choice for many homeowners. They are durable, economical, and can be installed in just about any climate. Asphalt is also an easy way to add curb appeal to your home. However, there are some drawbacks of asphalt driveways that you should know before making your decision, and Asphalt Paving Grand Rapids can help you with all the important facts.

Asphalt Paving Grand Rapids

The biggest advantage of asphalt driveways is their durability. Asphalt can last for decades without needing major repairs or replacement. It’s a great choice if you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall, since they are less likely to crack and shift compared with other types of surfaces like concrete. Asphalt also has lower initial installation costs than most other surfaces including brick pavers, gravel, and cobblestone which makes it more economical overall when choosing your driveway surface. Another great benefit of asphalt driveways is that you don’t need to hire a professional contractor. Anyone who has basic home improvement skills can install an asphalt driveway as long as they follow the instructions carefully and have all their materials on hand.

However, there are some drawbacks of asphalt driveways that homeowners should consider before making this important decision for their property. First, it may be harder to sell your house if your garage or front door faces an unsightly black strip of cracked and weathered-looking pavement instead of landscaped garden beds or lawn grasses like many other homes in your neighborhood do. Another drawback with installing curbs around the perimeter isn’t just aesthetic but also functional: since most garages aren’t built with ramps at the door, it’s harder to get heavy items like furniture and appliances onto your property if you choose an asphalt driveway.