Where Can You Install Epoxy Flooring?

Is Epoxy Floors Right for You? 10 Things to Consider

Epoxy flooring Perth is a popular choice for many homeowners because of its durability and ease of maintenance. However, it can be difficult to determine where you should install epoxy flooring in your home. In this post we will explore the different types of surfaces that are appropriate for installing epoxy and provide some tips on what to consider when choosing a surface type.

First, you need to determine where exactly in your home will be best suited for an epoxy floor installation. Good surfaces include most hardwood floors, concrete, tile and even some carpeting types.

If the space is extremely dirty or dusty when you are installing it may not work well on carpets because dust can get stuck in between the joints of the tiles causing them to look worn out quickly. If this is a problem either opt for another surface type or at least vacuum thoroughly before beginning the process. Carpets with lower pile depths also tend to hold onto dirt more which could affect how they wear over time if installed on top of them. This doesn’t always happen but should definitely be taken into consideration.

Epoxy Flooring Perth

Tile is another popular surface that epoxy can be installed on. Tile floors are long lasting and easy to clean though they may not always look the best when an epoxy coating is applied over them. This could change how much light reflects off of the floor depending on its color, which in turn could affect your ability to see possible dirt or wear issues. For this reason it might work better if you use lighter colored tiles for installing your epoxy coatings since any imperfections will stand out more against darker colors like browns or blacks. If tile isn’t a good option either because of these concerns or other reasons then consider using hardwood floors instead since they provide many of the same benefits as tile but also bring their own unique character to the space.

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for epoxy installations because of its distinct look and durability when it comes withstanding heavy foot traffic over time. This type of surface requires more work than tile or carpet simply because you have to sand down any existing coatings on your wood before applying your new epoxy coating, which can take some effort depending on how old that coat was originally applied. When using hardwoods be sure to choose ones that are treated in such a way so they don’t warp easily if water gets onto them from spills, rainstorms etc.

If none of these surfaces sound right then consider looking into other options like concrete since it has many benefits but also tends not to hold up well against heavy traffic over time. This isn’t always the case but depending on what you plan on using your epoxy installation for this may not be a good choice either because it will likely show signs of wear more quickly than other surfaces like carpet or tile would.