Winter Tyres: The Ultimate Guide

What You Need To Know About Winter Tyres

Winter Purnell tyres are a necessity if you want to drive safely in the winter. When it comes to buying new tyres, most people think about summer or all-season tyres when making their choice. However, there is another option worth considering too – winter tyres! Although not as popular as standard or all-season options, these specialised vehicles offer serious advantages over regular rubber thanks to their ability to help keep drivers safe during cold weather months.

Another great reason why you should opt for winter tyres rather than standard rubber options are due to how much better they can grip in cold conditions – making driving safer as there are less chances that drivers will skid out of control if roads aren’t treated properly ahead of time or during snowfall periods which could cause accidents leading to injury or death.

Purnell Tyres

Also, most people think that winter tyres are more expensive than all-season or standard rubber. However, this is not the case as they’re actually very budget friendly and will save you money in long run due to their ability to grip better during icy periods.

Along with being safer on roads due to how much better they grip when it’s cold outside, winter tyres also offer drivers a bit of an edge when it comes to performance too – offering faster speeds and lower stopping distances (which again makes them safer).

Another great reason why we feel you should opt for these over regular rubber options is because they come equipped with some pretty amazing features which only add onto their safety benefits such as built-in studs along the tyre sidewall which help improve grip during icy conditions.

Also, winter tyres are best suited for cold climates and seasons which means they’re perfect for drivers in Canada who live in parts of the country where temperatures plummet to below zero degrees or places like Northern Europe where snowfall is pretty common.