Moving to Florida

How To Make The Adjustment

Moving to a different city is difficult, but moving to Florida from NJ can be even more challenging. You may have heard that Florida weather is warm and sunny year-round, which means you won’t need a winter coat or snow boots. But what about the culture? The people? Your new home’s layout? In this article, we will discuss how to make the adjustment from NYC to Jax so you can feel at home in your new place!

The first thing to think about is your new home’s layout. Florida may seem like a small state, but Jacksonville alone has over 800 square miles of area to cover! So you will probably want to find an apartment or condo that is close to the urban core so you don’t have far to drive for groceries and errands.

Moving To Florida From NJ

If traffic isn’t important to you, consider exploring neighborhoods on foot because they are much smaller than New York City blocks—an average block in Jax measures 200 feet by 600 feet compared with NYC’s 300-by-700 size! That means it takes less time (and gas) getting from place to place during your daily commute. Plus, everything within walking distance makes staying healthy easier when living in Florida . And if not being a New Yorker means you’ll have to say goodbye to the iconic yellow cab, don’t worry about it—Jax has Uber and Lyft too!

Now that we’ve talked a little bit about your surroundings, let’s get into how to adjust. In case you haven’t noticed already, Florida is full of palm trees everywhere you look. So if you’re from up north or from another country entirely where there aren’t many palm trees around, this may seem strange at first. If the sight of all these tropical plants makes your head spin a little bit , just remember they are an oasis in the middle of a busy city so slow down and take them in because soon enough you will be saying “Al!” instead of hello.